About the Artist, Roni Pinto

Roni Pinto is an Israeli artist living in New York. Her formal training is rooted in a fine arts degree from Ben-Gurion University in Israel, attended Visual art College in Israel and taught art and Hebrew in the past 10 years. 


Her work explores philosophical and religious themes through the use of the Hebrew letters. She incorporates texts from the Bible, Jewish Blessings, and kabbalistic texts through her art, lending more to the impression that she is working towards something spiritual and ancient. Of course, Pinto's work is thoroughly contemporary. 


As a professional artist, Roni Pinto has shown her work across Europe and New York and has had the opportunity to exposed to and learn about other cultures. 

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2009 International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

2008 NY Studio Gallery, Reality Gallery American Slide-All, Chelsea, NYC.

2007 International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy.

2007 Collective Exhibition at Artbatikgroup, Barcelona, Spain.

2007 World Fine Art Gallery, NYC.

2007 Fair: Frankfurt Buchemesse, Austria.

2006 Untitled Gallery, Xmas Exhibition, Throgmortons, London.

2006 Agora Gallery, Chelsea / SoHo, NYC.


Awards & Certificates:

2007 3rd Prize, Artbatikgroup, Barcelona, Spain.

2007 International Biennial, Florence, Italy.



2008 15th Edition of the 2008 International encyclopedic dictionary of modern and contemporary art, Casa Editrice "ALBA" Ferrara, Italy.

2007 Biennale Internazianale Dell'arte Contemporarea Citt'a Di Firenze.

2007 International Fair Book: Arte Euroamericano of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Published by A.D.A.P.I


News and Publication:

2007 Published in ArtisSpectrum Magazine, The next edition of the magazine that is set to become the voice of the Chelsea art community - Vol.17.

2007 Magazine: Antiqvaria, March's edition, Barcelona, Spain.

2007 Interviewed in Barcelona radio program: "Formas ya'ngulos".

2006 Yediot Aharonot U.S.A, Newspaper, Nov' 10.